Gift vouchers

Order a gift voucher and offer a workshop session!

If you would like to offer a terrarium workshop session, we will be happy to give you a personalized gift voucher. Do not hesitate to order directly on our website and we will send you your gift voucher!

Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the Gift Voucher by e-mail or post. The person who receives the gift voucher will only have to register directly on our website via a promo code which will be transmitted on the voucher.

She can also contact us by email or phone to register for one of our available sessions!

3 gift voucher formats are available:

You have the possibility of accumulating gift vouchers to obtain a personalized amount. Please feel free to select the option available when ordering.

Gift voucher Format S: 50 CHF
Gift voucher Format M: 100 CHF
Gift voucher Format L: 150 CHF

If the amount of the gift voucher does not correspond to the selected workshop, the person must then complete the amount or they will receive a credit to be used in our online store and at Etoy.