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Arrangement of a space

The INGPHI office entrusted us with the mission of fitting out the cafeteria space of the CPCL located in Lausanne. We integrated a 1m60 plant with an Olla for easy watering. The customer had the opportunity to choose the color of the concrete planter as well as the desired plant variety. In addition, to bring a touch of greenery to the rest area of these offices, we hung three terrariums created in our Workshop space in Lausanne.

Project Puig – Hermès

Terrarium workshop for 150 people

We were commissioned by Puig, on behalf of the Hermès company, to organize a terrarium workshop for 150 people during the presentation of a new Hermès product. The event was held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. During the evening, customers had the opportunity to create, based on our instructions provided on-site, a small closed terrarium.

Project UEFA x Château de Vullierens

Team Building

We recently worked in collaboration with Château de Vullierens to organize a Team Building Workshop for the UEFA company. The event was organized in a magnificent setting. We offered a team-building activity to the participants, who had the opportunity to create their indoor plant decoration by learning Terrarium techniques. This activity allowed them to strengthen their team cohesion and get to know each other better.

Project Saffery Champness (Suisse) S.A.

Team Building

We had the chance to visit the premises of Saffery Champness (Suisse) S.A., located in Geneva. We led an on-site team-building event for employees. They had the opportunity to create their indoor plant decoration by discovering the art of the Terrarium. This activity helped to strengthen ties between team members and improve their mutual knowledge.

Project QoQa x

Custom DIY kits

In October 2022, we offered a personalized offer in collaboration with QoQa. We have managed to design more than a hundred tailor-made DIY kits in record time, allowing for punctual delivery. Customers were able to create their own terrarium by following a creation guide and an explanatory video.

Project Provins – Valais

Women’s day

We presented our range of products at Provins en Valais on the occasion of International Women’s Day. This special event proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet our female customers and offer them a variety of products and creations. We were also able to interact with them while presenting our company.

Project office Lausanne

Office layout

We made two personalized planters for an office located in Lausanne. The client had the opportunity to select the botanical plants as well as the shape and color of the planters. As a complement, we also acquired three Sansevierias (succulent plants) to create a separation on a shelf. The colors of the plants and concrete planters were defined according to the client’s choices.

Project Sedef Pâtisserie x Tinygarden

Event: Brunch/Terrarium Workshop

In February 2023, we joined our expertise with that of the talented sisters Céline and Laetitia from Sedef patisserie to design a unique event merging our respective worlds. Participants had the chance to make their terrarium before enjoying an exquisite sweet-and-sour brunch concocted by Sedef. The result was a more than successful experience! Photo credit: LPasche.

Project Team Building chez Tinygarden

Terrarium Workshop — Team Building

In 2023, we had the pleasure of organizing several team-building events in our Atelier space, located in the heart of Lausanne and in our store. We would like to thank all the companies and people who trusted us and participated in these events. We enjoyed welcoming you and hope that you enjoyed these moments as much as we did.
Please note that our workshops can be personalized according to your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a tailor-made offer!


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